How Do You Write an Immigration Reference Letter for a Family Visiting the United States?

To write a character reference letter to support a relative’s application for an immigration benefit, a person should specify events that support the applicant’s good characteristics, according to Golden Gate Immigration.

A character reference letter allows the immigration officer or judge to discern the character of a person who wants to apply for citizenship or other immigration benefits, explains Golden Gate Immigration. It should be written by an individual who knows the applicant well. The letter starts with an introduction, stating whether the author is a U.S. Citizen or a permanent resident and what position she holds that makes her opinion credible. The author should mention specific places and dates that prove how well she knows the applicant.

In the body of the letter, write about present or past events that substantiate statements regarding the applicant’s positive character, states Golden Gate Immigration. If a present or former employer is writing the letter, she should include her age, job title, and employment date and location.

Conclude the character reference letter by mentioning a compliment about the applicant and adding a statement of belief about the applicant, notes Golden Gate Immigration. Provide a contact number and a complete mailing address in the final sentence or below the signature.