How Do You Write an Immigration Hardship Letter?

To write an immigration hardship letter, talk about family members who are living in the United States, medical problems or financial difficulties that may result from not being able to continue living in the United States, according to Letter of Hardship. Other subjects include medical problems and safety concerns.

A person can write an extreme hardship letter for immigration if she has a relative or friend that cannot enter the country due to immigration laws, explains Letter of Hardship. The letter should provide compelling reasons why the detained person should continue to live in the United States. If the detained person has a family in the United States, it's possible to write about family ties and state that the detained person is needed by the family.

In case of financial hardship, emphasize that the detained person provides most of the family’s income, and mention dependents who largely rely on the person's financial contributions, states Letter of Hardship. Describe how the situation may lead to reduced employment opportunities for the detained person and inadequate educational choices for the children.

Medical concerns also make a strong case, as some countries don't provide the same advanced medical care the United States offers, notes Letter of Hardship. Safety issues should also be included if the author of the letter fears living without a spouse.