How Do You Write Guardianship Letters?

A guardianship letter is a directive written by a parent that specifies his wishes for the care and raising of his minor children if he dies unexpectedly, notes Pennyborn Planning. The letter contains the parent's reasons for choosing a specific guardian and the terms of care.

Factors that influence the choice of a guardian include the individual's capacity to provide a proper home and his compliance with the terms of the agreement. The guardian's parenting style and his current relationship with the children are both emphasized in the correspondence. In some instances, a temporary guardianship letter is written that details the responsibilities of a guardian for a short period of time, according to Sample Resignation Letters. The letter is written in block style and includes the child's name in the reference line. Temporary guardianship letters typically cover a period of six months. The letter states the names of the individual parties, the duration of guardianship and the contact information for the parents and the child's doctor and dentist.