How Do You Write a Formal Petition?

How Do You Write a Formal Petition?

In order to write a formal petition, it is important to write clear and concise goals. It is also important to spell-check and revise your petition and make sure that the goals and statements are being made in a polite and respectful manner.

  1. State the goal of the petition

    The beginning of the petition is meant to explain its purpose. A petition may include background and context, but the first paragraph should focus on what the petition hopes to achieve and the reason for its creation.

  2. Be both ambitious and realistic

    It is important to catch the reader's eye, but if the changes you are advocating are out of the realm of possibility, it is unlikely the cause can get much support. It's most important to be clear with what the petition hopes to achieve, as well as to have a practical solution for doing so. It is also necessary to be respectful when writing a formal petition. This helps to keep the petition sounding intelligent, as well as open to other points of view.

  3. Proofread and finalize the petition

    One of the most-important qualities of a formal petition is its cleanliness. The petition should be revised and edited before being published.