How Do You Write an Effective Letter to a Judge?

To write an effective letter to a judge, use business style, list the purpose of the letter, make it easy to understand, and thoroughly proofread the final copy, according to The Law Dictionary. Use the judge's name, official title and mailing address.

To write a letter to a judge in business style, use left alignment, list your address, and include a professional salutation, notes The Law Dictionary. Use single spacing in the body of the letter, and put a single space between each paragraph. At the end of the letter, skip a space, and include a closing. Sign your name, after leaving four spaces beneath your closing. Type your name in the space beneath where you signed your name.

In the body of your letter, indicate whether the correspondence is being written on behalf of the defendant or the victim, states The Law Dictionary. Defendants usually write to ask for a lenient sentence, while victims write to offer a statement. If you're a defendant, accentuate your positive aspects, and inform the judge of how the sentence might affect your life and the lives of your family and friends. Victims can explain how their lives and the lives of their family and friends have been altered by a crime.