How Do You Write a Consent Form for a Child?


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A consent form for a child varies depending on where it is being written and the nature of the activity in which the child is participating, according to the World Health Organization. Different activities, such as flying alone on an airplane or taking a school trip, may require different documentation.

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To create an informed consent document, a parent can find an informed consent template online and follow the instructions, reports WHO, which also offers templates. Parents need to sign each consent document to validate their willingness to allow their child to participate in the activity.

Parents should describe in precise detail what it is that they are allowing their child to do, so that there cannot be any confusion, according to the Government of Canada. If there are possible areas of concern or confusion, parents should list these questions and then answer them accordingly in the document. This ensures that the document is clear to those involved with the care of their child, states WHO.

It is also wise for parents to appoint a child advocate or monitor for their child if they cannot be present with the child, notes the Rochester Institute of Technology. For example, if a child is flying alone to live with his grandmother for a few months, it is wise to send a letter of consent that allows the grandmother to make basic decisions for the child while living there.

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