How Do You Write a Claim Letter?


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To write a claim letter, state the type and nature of the claim itself, along with all the important facts that support the claim, and include details such as product or model numbers, policy references, and so on, before making clear how much money is being claimed, and the date the claim is expected to be fulfilled by. If possible, it can also be helpful to include supporting documents, which can then also be referenced in the claim letter to make a case stronger.

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While it can be tempting to pass on disappointment or anger in a claim letter, being assertive while remaining polite often achieves faster and better results. Some other things to keep in mind when composing a claim letter include:

  1. Make sure the claim letter is sent in the specified timeframe. Many companies will rely on the fact that angry or disappointed customers will not send a claim in time for any action to be taken
  2. Fill out any accompanying forms or details that the company being claimed from requires, in order to speed up the process.
  3. A professional, yet confident tone often works best, as it lets the company know a claimant is serious as well as efficient, and extremely likely to follow up on the claim if action is not taken
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