How Do You Write a Children's Temporary Guardianship Letter?

Writing a temporary guardianship letter for a child may be necessary when a child is traveling across borders. This form should be used voluntarily and is only valid for a specified amount of time. It is not to be used for guardians who are court-appointed and is not valid for temporary guardianship petitions.

  1. Start the letter with the parent's information

    Begin a temporary guardianship letter with the full name and social security number of each of the parents or guardians granting temporary guardianship. Provide the full address of the parents and the contact information for each parent.

  2. Include the child's information

    Write the child's full name. If the child's last name is different from the guardian's name, adoption papers, a name-change document or a marriage certificate should be included to prove the relationship between the child and the parent(s). Include the full birth date of the child.

  3. Write the temporary guardian's details

    Include the full name of all temporary guardians who are caring for the child. The social security number of each guardian should be listed on the form.

  4. Write the terms of the letter

    Write the dates that the temporary guardian is responsible for the child. Confirm that the temporary guardian can act as the parent in terms of making decisions for the child's safety and activities. State that the temporary guardian can get medical care for the child if necessary, particularly if the parent can not be reached immediately. Include all medical information for the child, such as the name of the child's medical insurance and any medication the child is taking.

  5. Date and sign the document

    Sign the document, and include the date. Have the temporary guardian sign and date the document as well.