How Do You Write a Character Reference Letter for a Prospective Immigrant?


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Individuals write character reference letters for prospective immigrants by stating the person's strengths and then backing up their claims with verifiable facts. These strengths and subsequent claims must include reasons why the immigrant is worthy of remaining in the country they are visiting or trying to acquire citizenship. The letter must be written by someone who knows the immigrant well enough to write factual, persuasive statements.

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Individuals begin character reference letters for immigrants by explaining exactly who they are and why they are qualified to write the letter. For example, individuals must work with the immigrant, live near the immigrant, attend church services regularly with the immigrant or go to school with the immigrant in order to provide accurate, verifiable facts about the immigrant in writing. Individuals who are close friends with the immigrant must describe their friendship in detail to be considered a reliable source of the immigrant's behavior and code of conduct.

Next, individuals name at least one instance of the immigrant demonstrating exemplary moral character within a situation he personally witnessed. It is best if individuals recall as many details -- including the date and location -- of the event that he witnessed to ensure that the person reading the letter is convinced of the truthfulness of the individual's statement.

Finally, individuals end the letters with heartfelt compliments about the immigrant and a plea for the reader of the letter to contact them with any additional questions they have about the immigrant.

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