How Do You Write a Character Reference Letter for Immigration Purposes?

A strong character reference letter should explain the writer's relationship to the applicant and how long they have been acquainted. It should also include detailed positive examples of the applicant's actions, reasons why the application should be approved and the writer's contact information, according to The Law Office of Tanya M. Lee, PLLC.

Character references are an essential part of ensuring that an application for immigration is approved, or in cases of deportation, deciding if a person can stay in the country or not, as noted by Golden Gate Immigration. It is through the eyes of those who know the applicant best, such as friends, employers, elected officials or other close acquaintances, that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is able to make an informed decision about the applicant's application or status.

A character reference letter should be written by someone who is already a U.S. citizen or a permanent legal resident, one who knows the applicant well and can give specific examples of his positive deeds, such as volunteer work, contributions to his community or other qualities that make him an asset to the United States. If there are any extenuating circumstances that may impact the applicant negatively if he is forced to leave, these should be mentioned as well, states The Law Office of Tanya M. Lee, PLLC.

Example character reference letters for immigration purposes can be found online. These can be found by typing in "reference letters" via each site's search function, according to