Would a Warrant Show up During an Employee Background Check?

Warrants do show up on employee background checks, which include criminal background checks. This type of check shows warrants, misdemeanors, arrests, felonies and judgments, which assists an employer in evaluating the potential of a prospective employee.

Employers, who perform a complete criminal background check, normally view federal and county records where the prospective employee lived. Health care facilities for the very young and elderly, schools and employers of jobs that require confidentiality or high level security, typically perform FBI fingerprinting checks. Though quite costly, FBI fingerprinting checks can show details of any arrest made anywhere in the country.

Employers also include a credit check, which shows information about a person's financial condition, as part of their employee background check. A very basic check is done using the individual's Social Security number. The Social Security scan shows information like the person's current and previous addresses, age and name.