When Would Someone Need to Write an Appeal Letter?


An individual may choose to write an appeal letter if she feels that an unjust decision was made against her, according to the Houston Chronicle. An appeal letter allows a person to express her side of the story in order to revoke the decision or rectify the situation.

Use a professional business letter format to write an appeal letter, states the Houston Chronicle. Include clear facts and arguments to support the cause of writing the letter. It is important to maintain an objective viewpoint throughout the letter and to avoid using words that express anger or irrational thoughts, as doing so may lead to the case's dismissal.

The header of an appeal letter includes the sender’s address, says the Houston Chronicle. The address is followed by the date and the name and address of the recipient. Write an appropriate salutation instead of using “To whom it may concern.”

The first paragraph reveals a brief introduction of the sender and an explanation of the reason for writing the appeal letter, notes the Houston Chronicle. The next paragraphs provide a summary of the situation. Add relevant, persuasive facts that enlighten the reader on why the decision should be overturned.

Finally, explain the desired outcome, and mention any other essential details, such as additional documents, that support the testimony, says the Houston Chronicle. Express appreciation to the reader for taking the time to look through the letter.