How Would You Find a Map of All the Voting Precincts in Your Locale?


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Voting precinct maps can typically be found on the local city or county government website for a particular area. In addition to listing all of the voting precincts, these maps also usually identify the specific polling place for each individual precinct. Depending on the size of a city or county, sometimes the maps only display information for one city and other times they display the entire county.

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The voting section of city and county government websites typically offers a wealth of information for prospective voters, ranging from voter registration, voting requirements and past election information. For most locales, the requirements to register to vote are that the voters must be a citizen of the United States, be at least 18 years old, and be residents of the county in which they are voting. The residency requirements vary from city to city but usually require a minimum residency of at least 30 days. As of 2015, most locales require that voters show a photo ID before they are allowed to vote.

The past election area of the sites usually lists the results of voting in past elections, including candidates for various political offices and local bills and ordinances that either passed or did not pass. When an upcoming election nears, many of these sites also share ballot information to help voters make informed decisions.

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