What Would Be the Layout for a Congressional Letter?

To write a letter to a member of Congress, the writer should outline the letter by stating the purpose, personalizing the letter, supporting the stance and making the request. It is important to remain courteous and clear and to close the letter correctly.

Any letter to a member of Congress must start with the purpose of the letter, and it is best to put this information in the first sentence. The writer must also make the letter stand out if she wants to make an impression. The information in the letter must support the stance of the writer, and this is best done by using numbers, statistics and concrete examples. After listing supporting evidence, the writer may then make a request for congressional action.

Though some people may differ in their opinions from their particular members of Congress, it is imperative that the letter be professional and concise. A letter writer can show passion in the letter, however, swearing, mud-slinging and poor taste are not a good idea if requesting congressional action. The writer should close the letter by restating the purpose and thanking the representative.

Before sending, it is a good idea to proofread the letter and make sure the address is correct. Since most members of Congress do not receive many personal letters, everyone could have an impact.