What Is the Worst That Can Happen If You Ignore a No Trespassing Sign?


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Consequences of ignoring No Trespassing signs can vary significantly from state to state and according to the seriousness of the offense. Jail sentences are fairly uncommon but are possible, ranging from a few days up to a year in some states, explains Nolo. Fines vary considerably as well, depending on local laws and crime severity. A fine may range from $25 to $4,000, as of 2015.

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It is critical for an individual to seek legal guidance if he is convicted of trespassing, according to the Criminal Defense Lawyer website by Nolo. Although it may seem minor to cross a posted No Trespassing sign, it is a crime and is subject to criminal prosecution. A property owner has the right to use his property in any manner that is not otherwise prohibited by law, explains Nolo. Trespassing becomes a crime when someone enters or stays on a property without permission or consent. Even if a person enters a property with permission, he may become guilty if he is asked to leave, yet stays without the owner’s permission.

To be convicted of trespassing, prosecution must prove that there was unlawful entry onto another’s property, and that the trespasser knew that they were not permitted on the land, explains LegalMatch.

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