How Do You Find World Cities in a Free Postal Code Database?


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Websites such as GeoPostcodes and GeoNames allow you to browse and search free postal code databases to locate world cities. To locate a postal code on GeoPostcodes, enter the name of the city in the search field on the home page or select Browse our Datasets to browse by country and region. On GeoNames, enter the name of the city in the search field, and select the country from the drop-down menu, or click on the country maps.

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Postal codes, including ZIP codes in the United States, correspond with geographic regions, and major international cities can often have multiple postal codes. To locate a postal code in a city with multiple codes, click on the View icon on the city page at GeoPostcodes. Click on a location on the map to identify the local code. Some addresses for individual institutions with high volumes of mail traffic have their own postal codes.

The Universal Postal Union of the United Nations coordinates postal codes between countries, but not all member countries use postal codes. Out of 190 member countries, 73 did not use postal code systems as of 2005. Prior to the Treaty of Bern in 1874, which created the Great Postal Union that later became the Universal Postal Union, countries negotiated international postal handling by treaties between individual countries.

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