How Do I Withdraw a Police Statement?

Hire an attorney before withdrawing any police statement. This is because, according to lawyers consulted via LawGuru, the police can fine a person or bring charges against him if they believe he deliberately made a false report.

According to the legal experts at, there are a number of things to keep in mind before recanting a statement. The attorney present should represent the person withdrawing the statement rather than the defendant. Also, the odds of being charged depend upon the severity and context of the statement being recanted. For instance, selectively omitted details intended to give an advantage during divorce proceedings is an example of what police refer to as material omission. It is an omission because it is intended to misrepresent a person or situation to his benefit.

Depending upon the nature of the statement being recanted, other charges may result, especially if the statement is regarding innocence in a crime that was actually committed, notes Finally, be mindful of who received the initial statement. If it is a federal officer and he determines that a person deliberately lied via a false statement, the offender will automatically face a federal investigation and any charges related to it.