How Do You Get Wisconsin Court Records?


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It's possible to search and obtain circuit court records from the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access website, while the Wisconsin Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Access website provides information on the current status of appeal cases. To obtain records from the various municipal courts, it's necessary to contact the court directly and submit an official record request, which can be done in person or via phone, fax, email or letter.

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The WCCA website only provides access to records that have been entered into the Consolidated Court Automation Programs Case Management system. Most counties began using this system in the early '90s, meaning all records from that point are available online. Some counties didn't adopt the system until much later, such as Portage County, which became the last country to start using the system in December 2011.

If records are needed from before the specific county began using the case management system, it is necessary to contact the appropriate circuit court directly to access the records. If the records are in the case management system, then it's possible to search for the records for a specific person using either their last name or date of birth. It's also possible to search for records related to a specific business.

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