How do you win a slip-and-fall settlement?


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An individual pursuing an insurance settlement or personal injury lawsuit must be able to prove that someone else was liable for their injury in order to be successful, says AllLaw. This means finding who the liable parties are, and whether or not their negligence caused the injury.

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To hold someone else liable for injuries sustained, the injured person must prove that the property owner or caretaker should have recognized there was a dangerous condition and repaired or removed the danger, advises AllLaw. The injured party needs to prove that any reasonable person would have been able to identify the condition as being hazardous and that the accused had an opportunity to rectify the situation before the accident occurred. The injured party may also need to prove that the property owner or caretaker actually caused the condition that lead to the slip and fall.

The injured party also needs to show that his own inappropriate actions did not lead to the injury. If the injured party entered into an area that was clearly marked as dangerous or was engaging in a careless activity that eventually caused the slip and fall, he may not be awarded full compensation, if any, states AllLaw.

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