Who Were Some Prominent United States Air Force Generals?


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Prominent United States Air Force generals include Henry H. Arnold, Jimmy Doolittle, Carl Spaatz and Billy Mitchell. Historians credit Billy Mitchell with creating the Air Force, and Henry H. Arnold is the only Air Force general to have held a five-star rank, as of 2015.

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Brigadier General Billy Mitchell was a outspoken advocate for the power of military aviation, having predicted an aerial attack on Pearl Harbor and faced court-martial charges for insubordination under the direction of President Calvin Coolidge. Mitchell was found guilty of insubordination and resigned while continuing to advocate the creation of a separate air force, in particular to his protégé, Henry H. Arnold, who would succeed in making it the most powerful air force in the world.

The Wright Brothers instructed Henry H. Arnold in the art of aviation, making him one of the first military pilots in history. The general's focus on research and development led to the production of intercontinental bombers, jet fighters, radar and global airlift services.

Carl Spaatz commanded the Eighth Air Force, which was responsible for the establishing American air bases in Britain during the second World War. He become the commanding general of the U.S. Army Air Forces in the European Theater of the war, leaving Jimmy Doolittle in command of the Eighth.

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