What Were the Nicknames of Famous Gangsters?


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Nicknames of famous gangsters include The Chin for Vincent Gigante, Scarface for Al Capone and Bugsy for Benjamin Siegel. John Gotti had two nicknames: The Dapper Don and The Teflon Don.

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What Were the Nicknames of Famous Gangsters?
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Vicent Gigante was nicknamed The Chin because of his mother's Italian pronunciation of his name, Vincenzo. He was a professional boxer, and his nickname when boxing was also The Chin. He pretended to be insane in 1969 to avoid criminal prosecution, and he kept up the act afterwards by mumbling to himself and walking around in pajamas. This earned him nicknames such as The Oddfather and The Pajama King.

Al Capone got the nickname Scarface while working as a bartender and a bouncer. He made a rude remark towards a woman, causing her brother to punch him in the face and then cut his face. The attack left the scars that gave Capone his nickname.

Benjamin Siegel was a contract killer, and his unpredictable personality lead to the nickname Bugsy. He had to leave Los Angeles due to the murders he had committed. Siegel opened a casino in Las Vegas, but he was later killed for stealing money from his friends.

John Gotti was one of the most powerful criminals in New York, which allowed him to avoid prosecution for many of his crimes. This, along with how he dressed and his enjoyment of media attention, earned him the nicknames of The Dapper Don and The Teflon Don.

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