What Were a Few Key Supreme Court Decisions in 2014?


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The key Supreme Court decisions of 2014 include verdicts in the Riley versus California case and the Utility Air versus the Environmental Protection Agency case, according to the New York Times. Other significant rulings include determinations in the Town of Greece versus Galloway case and the Hall versus Florida case.

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In the Riley versus California case, the Supreme Court ruled that law enforcement officials have to obtain warrants before searching cell phones belonging to suspects, explains the New York Times. The determination was significant because of its potential effect on millions of subsequent arrests.

In the Utility Air versus EPA case, the Supreme Court largely confirmed the authority of the EPA when using certain regulatory programs to control greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and other immobile sources, notes the New York Times. The ruling built on a 2007 Supreme Court decision that required the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases if the agency ascertained their injurious effect on public health.

In the Town of Greece versus Galloway case, the Supreme Court ruled that town boards could initiate meetings with prayer, rejecting the arguments of those town residents arguing that the practice was offensive and unconstitutional. Along with other decisions, the determination seemed to suggest that deeply rooted religious traditions have a role to play in public life.

Other significant Supreme Court decisions include the determination in the Burwell versus Hobby Lobby case that exempted corporations run by religious families from underwriting contraceptive coverage for female employees, according to the New York Times.

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