Who Were Some Important Connecticut Governors?


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Some important Connecticut governors were Jonathan Trumbull, Roger Sherman Baldwin, Marshall Jewell, Hiram Bingham III and Ella T. Grasso. George McLean and Wilbur A. Cross were other notable Connecticut governors.

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Jonathan Trumbull was Connecticut's first governor, serving from 1769 to 1784. Roger Sherman Baldwin served from 1844 to 1846, and was famous as a lawyer for arguing the Amistad case. Marshall Jewell served as the U.S. Ambassador to Russia, the Postmaster General and the Republican National Party Chairman in addition to being governor. He reformed the Postal Service as Postmaster General to stamp out corruption. Hiram Bingham III re-discovered Maccu Picchu in 1911 before serving as governor from 1924 to 1933.

Ella T. Grasso became the first woman elected governor of a U.S. state in 1975. George McLean signed the Migratory Bird Treaty Act in 1918 to limit hunting of birds. Wilbur Cross gave a famous Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1938.

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