What Were Some Details of Benjamin Netanyahu's Speech to Congress?


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Details from Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to congress include "This is a bad deal, "It doesn't block Iran's path to bomb" and "It paves Iran's path to the bomb," according to the speech transcript made available on Washington Post. Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to congress explained why he felt that the nuclear agreement made between Iran and the United States as well as five other countries was a mistake.

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke with Congress on March 3rd, 2015 and criticized Obama's plan agreement for a nuclear deal. Netanyahu asked for the President to focus on insisting that Iran tame its aggressive action in its own region and throughout the world. If Iran does not comply, then the prime minister would ask for the United States and other countries to continue to create and enact sanctions that harm the country.

The prime minister felt that it was important that Iran be forced to comply and felt that the current deal encourages Iran. "If Iran doesn't changes its behavior, the restrictions shouldn't be lifted," he said. The prime minister's concern was that this new deal would allow Iran to gather enough weapons-grade uranium and weapons-grade plutonium to build a nuclear bomb in a relatively short period of time.

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