Who Were Some of the 2014 Tennessee Candidates for U.S. Senate?

Who Were Some of the 2014 Tennessee Candidates for U.S. Senate?

Twelve Tennessee candidates competed for a United States Senate seat in 2014, including Joe Willmoth and Martin Pleasant. Willmoth ran as a member of the Constitution Party, while Pleasant represented the Green Party.

Senator Lamar Alexander was the successful candidate, obtaining almost 60 percent of the vote. He has served in the Senate since 2003 and chairs the Committee of Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, as of 2015. His re-election campaign centered around elimination of the federal debt and a vast reduction in spending on entitlement benefits.

Democratic candidate Gordon Ball came in second place, with approximately 30 percent of the total vote. The licensed attorney ran on a platform that included small business initiatives and championed term limits for all members of Congress.

The 2014 Tennessee Congressional ticket also included one Tea Party candidate. Tom Emerson, Jr., served six years in the Navy as a data systems technician. Running on a platform that included a stance against gay marriages, Emerson received about 11,000 votes in the Tennessee congressional election.

Seven candidates ran as Independents, with no affiliation to any specific political party. Danny Page received the most votes out of the independent candidates. The self-declared non-candidate campaigned on a platform that favored a reduction in federal government.