Who Are Some Well-Known Retired Marine Corps Generals?


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Some well-known retired Marine Corps generals are Chesty Puller, James N. Mattis, Alexander Vandrgrift and Roy Geiger. These generals have won numerous awards for their service. The United States Marine Corps is the smallest force of the United States armed forces within the United States Department of Defense but is one of the most effective with their ability to launch attacks on land, air and sea.

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Chesty Puller is one of the most decorated Marines in American history. He fought in Haiti, Nicaragua, World War II and the Korean War. Puller retired from the Marine Corps in 1955. James N. Mattis served as a United States Marine Corps General and also as the Commander of the U.S. Central Command from 2010 to 2013.

Alexander Vandegrift was the first United States Marine to be named a four-star general and commanded the 1st Marine Division in World War II. Roy Gieger served in the United States military for 40 years. He was a four-star general and served both in World War I and World War II. Geiger was also the first Marine Corps general to command an army-sized force. The Marine Corps base in North Carolina called Camp Geiger is named in his honor.

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