What Are Some Weird Colorado Laws?


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A weird Colorado state law bans car dealers from showing cars on Sunday, according to The Denver City Page. Another weird state law expressly permits ripping tags off pillows and mattresses. It is also illegal to ride a horse in Colorado while under the influence of alcohol.

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Many of Colorado’s weird municipal laws are strange because they are obsolete; they reflect moral and societal standards that have since evolved and are relics of ways of life that no longer exist. For instance, an Alamosa, Colorado, law criminalizes allowing extramarital sex in a person’s private home, notes The Denver City Page. In Cripple Creek, Colorado, it is illegal to bring a horse or pack mule above the ground floor of a municipal building.

Some of Colorado’s municipal laws are weird because of their specificity, such as an Aspen, Colorado, ban on firing catapults at buildings and an Alamosa, Colorado, ban on throwing missiles at cars. Other laws are weird because they regulate activities that laws do not typically address. For example, a Boulder, Colorado, law prohibits placing couches on outdoor porches, and a Denver, Colorado, law prohibits lending a vacuum cleaner to a next-door neighbor, The Denver City Page states .

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