What Are Free Websites for Reverse Phone Numbers?

Google, WhitePages and AnyWho are some websites that offer reverse phone number lookups for free. All three websites work best with residential and commercial landline numbers. Aside from Google, other search engines, such as Yahoo and Bing can also help track a listed phone number.

Although Google has long shut down its phonebook search operator, the search engine still indexes landline numbers attached to a business. It may link the number to other phone directories, the business' website, if there is any, or the number listed on the Better Business Bureau. If the number is from a private residence, Google may not include the address of the residence or the name of person associated with the number. If the owner has placed his number on social networking sites or anywhere on the web, then the number may link to that phone listing. Anyone who intends to use a reverse phone lookup using Google and other websites has to type the full phone number including the area code.

AnyWho and WhitePages also provide a free reverse phone lookup service. WhitePages allows searches of 10-digit phone numbers listed in the United States and Canada, while AnyWho provides searches of phone numbers of individuals across the United States. The latter also requires the user to input the last name of the person. The first name is optional but helps to narrow down the results.