Which Websites Offer Free Divorce Papers?


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Most state court websites, such as those for Colorado and California, have very good self-help forms for divorce proceedings, along with thorough instructions for how to fill in the forms and where to file them. Some bar associations, such as the Colorado Bar Association, also have downloadable educational pamphlets about divorce.

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Both the California and Colorado state court websites not only offer the forms themselves but also provide helpful information about the divorce process in each of those states. While divorce laws are state-specific, many of the general principals apply in all states, notes the American Bar Association. Divorce between couples with minor children involves additional procedures and required information for parenting time and child support than divorce between childless couples, and court websites have links to forms and information for each of those types of cases. Florida, Colorado and other states have established self-help centers to assist people with forms, although the websites note that self-help center staff members cannot give legal advice. Legal advice should come from an attorney, explains the American Bar Association.

Additional websites have further educational materials to assist people considering divorce. The American Bar Association offers downloadable articles on a range of divorce-related topics that users can purchase for a fee. The Colorado Bar Association's website has a free article about parenting time and a Spanish-language article on general family law.

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