How Do I Get a Weapon From Under the Ring?

WWE 2K14 is an officially licensed professional wrestling video game published by 2K Sports for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Due to the differences in controllers, the correct method for obtaining a weapon from under the ring in WWE 2K14 varies slightly, depending on which of the two video game systems the player owns.

To obtain a weapon from under the ring on the PlayStation 3, players must begin a match in "extreme rules" mode. In that mode, players must maneuver the character outside of the ring and stand at the center of the apron. They must then press and hold the "L1" button. A menu appears, and from the menu, players must select a weapon using the left stick. Once the weapon is selected, they must immediately release the "L1" button.

To obtain a weapon from under the ring on the Xbox 360, players must follow the same process above, except they must press and hold the left "LB" button when it is time to select a weapon and release it once the weapon is selected. Additional instructions on what to do once the weapon is obtained are available in the instruction booklets that accompany the game.