What Are Some Ways to Search for a Missing Person?

Some ways to search for a missing person include filing a report with the police, registering with missing persons databases and conducting a physical search. Some other ways are to hire a private investigator and to use the Internet to look for leads.

If you have reason to believe someone is missing, file a report with police right away. Provide the police with as much information as you can to aid in the search. This includes the person's last known whereabouts, what the person was wearing, whether they have any tattoos or distinguishing marks and the reason you believe the person is truly missing. You may also be asked to provide information about the person's friends, family, employment, habits and medical conditions. Bring current photos and any identification or communication devices left behind by the person.

You can form a search party and physically walk the areas where you believe the person may have been. Start by contacting their colleagues and acquaintances. You can also knock on doors and talk to people in the area, and leave them with a photo of the missing person along with your and/or the police's contact information. Call or visit hospitals, morgues and jails. Check the person's social media pages for any recent activity.