What Are Some Ways to Reduce Poverty?


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Methods for poverty reduction include making education accessible and affordable, giving spare change to the homeless, establishing economic activities like farming, making water more accessible and providing vaccinations against diseases. Some entities work internationally to reduce poverty, while others operate at the national level.

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What Are Some Ways to Reduce Poverty?
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Internationally, one foundation that works to alleviate poverty is The Borgen Project. According to authors at the Borgen Project, methods for alleviating international poverty are: installing wells, teaching populations to farm and grow food, establishing small medical clinics, vaccinating citizens against diseases, constructing shelters and building schools. These tactics promote independence and long-term alleviation from poverty. Some tactics, like building schools and medical clinics, have multiple benefits. Schools provide education and jobs for locals, while medical clinics keep populations healthy and also provide jobs, which in turn improves the economy.

The Zakat Foundation has alternative, but equally viable, methods for reducing poverty. Employees at this organization advocate sparing change to people, donating old clothing and non-perishable goods and even sponsoring orphaned children. This Foundation also recommends volunteering for community organizations, such as soup kitchens and food pantries. People can also purchase products from brands who employee people in impoverished communities and pay them fair wages. Lastly, people can take action by writing to their congressmen or other political officials to encourage poverty reduction. Suggestions for wording include advocating policies that put sanctions on countries who do not provide basic needs for their citizens.

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