What Are Some Ways to Provide IDES Online Certification?

There is only one way to provide online certification for the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES), and that is through the IDES website, as stated by the IDES. Users of the site may do their weekly certification for free once they have registered for a user name and password.

In order to use the online system, users must be able to answer the same questions they would answer if they called in to certify on the phone. They will be asked if they worked during a certain period of time and if so, how much money they made. Users will be asked if their dependency status has changed, if they were available for work, if they are actively looking for work, if they are drawing Social Security benefits, if they are going to school and if any contact information has changed, states the IDES website.

Through the online site, users may look to see how many weeks they have remaining on their benefits and their detailed payment histories. Users may still use this system even if they have missed their normal call day. They may use the system's make-up days the same as if they had called in on the phone on their scheduled days. People needing to use the system for the first time will need to register for the user name and password.