What Are Some Ways to Find Mugshots on Faulkner County Booked?


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Mugshots of criminals apprehended in Faulkner County, Arkansas, are available on Faulknercountybooked.com. The website allows visitors to search by race, name, gender and city within Faulkner County. The Faulkner County Sheriff's Office provides arrest intake records, which are considered records in the public domain.

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Mugshots are also available in a slideshow format on Thecabin.net. If an individual with a mugshot on Faulknercountybooked.com wants it removed, that person must provide a court document showing that the charges were dismissed by the court, the prosecutor decided to not prosecute, the person was found not guilty, the person was misidentified or that the record was expunged or sealed. Faulkner County Booked does not publish mugshots of individuals who are minors, drunk, insane or are involuntarily committed.

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