What Are Some Ways to View Mugshots for Atlanta, Georgia, Inmates?

One way to view mugshots for Atlanta, Georgia, inmates is to access the official website of the Georgia Department of Corrections and use the offender search tool. Some commercial mugshot sites, such as Mugshots.com, also post booking photos of inmates incarcerated in jails or correctional facilities in Atlanta, Georgia.

To use the offender search tool on the GDC, navigate to the site's homepage at Dcor.state.ga.us and click Find an Offender on the top menu. Inmates may be searched by entering a GDC ID or case number. If both are not available, use the advanced search option and fill in the necessary information. On the Most Recent Institution, select Atlanta TC or Atlanta Womens TC. To narrow down the search, select a county that is part of the Atlanta geographic region, such as Fulton or Henry County, under Conviction County. To view the booking photos readily, click With Photos.

If the search is successful, the site displays the inmate's details, including mugshot, full name, major offense and institution where the inmate is currently detained. Click an inmate's name to read more information, such as physical description and current sentences.

Mugshots.com takes booking photos from law enforcement agencies and posts them on its commercial website. To find mugshots for Atlanta, Georgia, inmates, navigate to the site's homepage and click US Counties under Categories on the top menu. Click Georgia and then select an Atlanta county under the list of US Counties. The page displays all the arrested individuals' booking photos and their basic profiles.