What Are Some Ways to Find Missing People?

Some ways to find missing people include hiring a private investigator, searching through the Internet, reporting to the police and making missing person's posters. Calling a missing person's helpline can be an equally good way to find help in terms of support and information on how to trace the individual.

Filing a missing persons report at the local police station is often the best way to find help. The police have access to a wide range of resources that can help them trace the individual much faster. However, the police require reports to be filed 2 days after the person goes missing.

Checking through the Internet can be another way to find a missing person. Check through the individual's social media accounts to find if they left any clues of their whereabouts. Other Internet resources such as missing persons blogs and search engines can be helpful in obtaining information.

Hiring a private investigator is another way to find a missing person. Private investigators often require payment for their services, so be sure to hire an investigator that is affordable. Talking to close friends and other family members can be a good way to trace the missing person's final steps. Creating fliers and posting them around the neighborhood of the missing person can also be very helpful.