What Are Some Ways to Find Military Pen Pals?


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Some ways to find a military pen pal include contacting the United Service Organizations, using Operation Gratitude or signing up for websites such as AnySoldier.com. There are also organizations such as America Supports You, which allow civilians to write and send packages to the troops. Alternatively, an individual can contact someone who knows people in the military and take suggestions for soldiers who may appreciate letters.

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When writing to a member of the military, keep in mind that these men and women experience things that others cannot understand, so they may not talk about war with a stranger. Do not take this personally, instead bring up other topics. Letters are always good for those in the military, but packages can take a while to arrive, so ask before sending them. If sending a package, ensure that it is strong and that everything in the package can survive a two-story fall.

Since it takes awhile for mail to reach places such as Afghanistan and Iraq, when mailing anything understand that it can take several weeks. Also, ensure that the letter or package has the correct address. The military also has special ways to process mail, so using resources such as Express Mail through the United States Postal Service does not mean it gets to the location faster than first class or priority mail.

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