What Are Some Ways to Determine Whether Authorities Have Arrested a Correctional Officer?


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One way to determine whether authorities have arrested a correctional officer is to contact the law enforcement agency where the officer works. Most law enforcement agencies, such as police stations and sheriff’s offices, create arrest records and send the information directly to their respective stations, explains the Law Dictionary. Agencies usually post the arrest records on their respective databases within 24 hours of the booking process.

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A person arrested by a law enforcement agency gets taken into custody and goes into the booking process, according to the Law Dictionary. The process entails collecting personal information, such as full name, address, date of birth, fingerprints and booking photos. After collecting all the necessary information, the information goes into the law enforcement agency’s database. Police departments usually keep this information in arrest records or booking logs. The records may be in the jail system database of the county sheriff or magistrate's office if the correctional officer has received a sentence or is in custody awaiting trial.

Some cities, such as New York City, provide hotlines that the public may call to find someone arrested in the past two days, notes NYC.gov. New York's website also posts links to the city’s police department and other law enforcement facilities within the city.

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