What Are Some Ways to Defend Yourself Against a Speeding Ticket?


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The best defenses against a speeding ticket require the motorist to understand the type of speed limit violated, states FindLaw. Each of the three limits, absolute, presumed and basic, require different approaches.

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A motorist can defend against an absolute speed limit by citing an emergency as the reason for speeding, explains Nolo. Other defenses include attacking the method the officer used to determine the speed and the officer picking the wrong car.

The court can drop a presumed speed limit charge if a motorist can prove that the driving conditions were safe at the time, notes Nolo. The motorist has a good chance of getting a fair ruling by proving that the speed was just slightly over the limit, and the weather, road and traffic conditions were good.

To defend against a basic speed limit, a motorist can point out that the speed limit exceeds a safe driving speed, according to FindLaw.

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