What Are Some Ways to Contact the Ministere Du Revenu in Quebec?


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The easiest way to contact the Ministere du Revenu in Quebec is through its website's Contact Us page. Upon arriving at the page, users are prompted to indicate if they are seeking information relevant to one of the following client groups: individuals, businesses, professional representative, business partners or media representatives.

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Once you identify which client group you are a part of, you must provide additional information. For example, if you are looking for individual information, you are presented with a drop-down menu asking what you want to do: contact a client services representative, file a complaint, report a failure to meet fiscal obligations or make a voluntary disclosure. Each of these options, in turn, leads to further relevant questions. An individual who wants to contact a client services representative, for example, must next choose to launch a general information query, ask about income tax filing, request a solidarity tax credit or request technical support. Other choices are to inquire about support payments or unclaimed property, and to find out about careers at Revenu Quebec.

Website visitors seeking information for a business are taken through a series of drop-down menus almost identical to that for individuals. Those who are professional representatives are asked whether they represent an individual or a business, and are then funneled into the drop-down menus for additional information. Partners and media representatives are given a list contact details, including phone and fax numbers, email addresses and mailing addresses, all of which may also be used to reach the Ministere du Revenue.

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