What Are Some Ways to Come up With a Name for a Gang?

There are a number of online gang name generators that can help to come up with gang name ideas. Such tools usually combine a range of word types, including adjectives, nouns and pronouns, to suggest unique gang or clan names.

Some users may find random suggestions from generators to be irrelevant or ill-suited to their purposes, however. By using real gang names as inspiration, a more appropriate moniker (whether for literary use, a role-playing fantasy or an online video game) may be created from scratch.

According to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, there are a number of conventions associated with the naming of real criminal gangs. Showing an allegiance to a street, city, region or nation is common, producing names such as the 'Douglas County Mafia,' 'Eighteenth Street,' or the 'American Skins.' Real gang names might also reference a shared philosophy, belief or purpose, as in the case of the 'Get Money Clique' or 'The Family.'

Often gang names will be abbreviated with the intention of obscuring the gang's identity and purpose. Thus, the 'Douglas County Mafia' becomes 'DCM' and 'The Family' becomes 'DeFam.'

Gangs might also describe themselves as music groups, to avoid social stigma and the attention of law enforcement agencies.