What Are Some Ways to Find Businesses If You Have the Phone Number?

Use an Internet reverse lookup tool or a reverse lookup application to find a business location using a phone number. One of the websites that has a reverse lookup tool is ReversePhoneLookup.com, and reverse lookup applications include Lookup+ and Reverse 411.

Lookup+ is an iPhone, Android and Windows phone application that allows users to look up phone number owners, including businesses. As of October, 2015, this application costs $4.99 and it allows to users perform an unlimited number of lookups. Lookup+ also provides users an area to leave comments about phone numbers and submit complaints about various violations. Users can also list their phone numbers in the national do-not-call registry.

Reverse 411 is another app that performs reverse phone lookups of U.S. numbers for $0.99 per search. The trial version provides information about the state and city for free. The paid version provides the owner's name, address and names of other household members in some cases. If the number isn't listed, the search is free. The app stores the 10 most recent lookups in the History section.

Reverse Phone Lookup.com performs phone owner lookups for free. The website provides the phone owner's name, address, location on the map, area code and other details.