What Are Some Ways to Apply for Medicaid in Brooklyn, New York?


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Some ways to apply for Medicaid in Brooklyn, New York, include application through the official Health Plan Marketplace, visiting a local social service office and submitting an online application from the official Health Plan Marketplace website. Other ways to apply for Medicaid in Brooklyn, New York, are to do so by calling the toll-free Medicaid helpline and application through a certified application counselor.

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Medicaid is an insurance program for residents who cannot afford to pay for health care expenses or insurance premiums. Applicants who meet certain guidelines may be reimbursed for medical expenses paid out-of-pocket before their applications for Medicaid are approved. However, Medicaid may not cover all services rendered and prescribed medication. Applicants must prove that they received and paid the bills submitted for reimbursement.

The amount of time it takes to get an application for Medicaid approved or denied depends on a few different factors. Most commonly, applicants receive approval or denial within 45 days of the day the applications are submitted. Pregnant applicants, and those applying on behalf of children, receive notification within 30 days of the application dates. For applicants who have a disability that needs to be further assessed, notification can take up to 90 days.

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