What Is the Best Way to Use the MSN White Pages Directory to Locate People?

Whitepages can be used to locate people or businesses by searching by name, phone number or address. Basic search services are free to use, and there are some advanced options offered for a fee.

To use the free service, the user is only required to input the name of a person or business, but it's helpful to narrow the results by including a city, state or zip code. The search results display any relevant or close matches, and they include the person's current residential area as well as previously associated residences. It also displays the age range of the person and the names of associated contacts. The user can select the closest match to display the full address along with a map of the exact location.

Whitepages also offers free options to perform a reverse phone number or address lookup, which identifies the owner of a residential or business number or property. The phone number search requires the full 10-digit number with area code and hyphens. An address search requires a complete street address and a city, state or zip code. Residential search results include the names of those who are associated with the address by ownership or by having lived there.

Whitepages also offers advanced search services for a fee, including background checks, court records, cell phone numbers, photos and social profiles. Additional information in the report may include marital status, email address, old classmates, friends and family members.