Is There a Way to Stop Debt Settlement Legal Letters From Being Sent to Employer?


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To stop debt-settlement legal letters from being sent to an employer, the person must make that request in writing to the collection agency sending the letters, notes Credit.com. By law, once the request is made to stop settlement and collection letters from being sent, the collector must abide by that request. The debtor can also advise the debt collector by phone that he wishes communication with the employer to cease.

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By law, a debt collector may only make contact with the debtor's employer once, notes Credit.com. Specifically, a debt collector can send a letter to an employer requesting verification for employment. The collector is not allowed to ask the employer or co-workers personal information about the debtor. If the debt collector contacts the employer more than one time, for the same reason, the debtor can tell the employer not to contact his workplace any longer.

Debt collectors may contact other individuals as well, but again, they can only contact them once, unless that person tells the debt collector it's okay to call again. The debt collector cannot advise the other people they contact that it is in the debt-collection business, says Credit.com. The debt collector cannot send a document or postcard to others with information or marking on the envelope that communicates the purpose of the communication is to collect a debt.

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