What Is the Way to Find Someone's Place of Employment?

To determine someone's place of employment, provide basic information about the person to an employment verification service. In the United States, employment verification is restricted to legal and business use only, and services typically require a substantial fee and a permissible reason for the search. Employment information can be obtained within a few business days.

  1. Obtain basic information about the person

    To begin the search, collect as much information about the person as possible including their full legal name, current address, birth date, phone number, and Social Security number if available.

  2. Locate an employment verification company

    Use a search engine such as Google or Bing to find a company that provides employment verification services. Review the criteria for requesting a report such as search fees, supporting documentation and estimated return time.

  3. Prepare for an interview

    Each client is contacted for an interview regarding the reason for the search. During the interview, explain the legal reason for the employment verification search, such as fraud, identity theft, a criminal investigation or other government business.

  4. Place the employment verification order

    Complete the employment verification request by paying the search fee. After providing personal contact information and the information of the requested person, the company notifies clients when the place of employment has been verified.