What Is the Best Way to Search for a Business Telephone Number?


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In addition to online resources, one of the best ways to search for a business telephone number is to call directory assistance 411 in your local area code or 555-1212, which is available 24 hours a day, for assistance in another area code. Another good way is to look in the printed yellow pages and white pages or their equivalents online.

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Take advantage of online resources to search for business telephone numbers. For example, check the online business directories listed in “The Top 20 Places Your Business Needs to Be Listed Online.” Sponsored by major Internet search engines, these directories make searching for a business numbers easy and quick. Sometimes a simple Web search can be even quicker, especially if you’re looking for a business with nationwide outlets, and you can conduct searches from mobile devices as well.

If you have to be away from computers and smart devices, use printed or online directories, or call directory assistance. Dial 411 for assistance searching for local business numbers. To find phone numbers for businesses outside your area code, first dial the area code you want to search, and then dial 555-1212. For best results, tell the operator as much as you know about the business whose number you need.

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