What Is the Best Way to Report Embezzlement?

For most cases of embezzlement, the easiest and most reliable way to report suspicions is to file a report with the FBI. According to the Bureau's Financial Crimes Report, embezzlement and funds misapplication are treated together as insider fraud and can be among the Bureau's most resource-intensive fields of investigation.

On its website, the FBI claims responsibility for investigating many categories of white-collar crime, including embezzlement. Reporting embezzlement to the FBI can be done online via the Bureau's website, over the phone through a toll-free number or in person at a local field office.

In some highly specialized cases, such as embezzlement of campaign funds, it is appropriate to report the crime to the specific agency charged with regulating the field where the embezzlement occurred. In the case of campaign funds embezzlement, for example, the Federal Election Commission recommends on its website that reports be filed with the campaign finance analyst assigned to monitor the campaign's funds. Other agencies, such as state and local law enforcement authorities, often have their own fraud and embezzlement divisions that are charged with taking crime reports. Reporting suspected cases of embezzlement to these agencies is also sometimes appropriate, depending on the specific circumstances of the case.