What Is the Way to Find Out Who Built a House?

Curious individuals can undertake a program of research into the history of their house, including looking into the style of the home and attempting to identify an era based on that information, researching public records that may be on file at a local government office and consulting local historians who may know of prominent local builders who worked during a specific time period. Houses that were built in the 1900s and 2000s may be easier to identify based on the availability of public records stating the name of a builder or architect who was responsible for building or designing a specific home.

If local government offices don't have resources for identifying an older house's builder, then a local public library may provide helpful historical resources, including information about the home's past residents and historical photos of the home and its inhabitants. Additionally, some online resources may prove helpful, particularly for owners of historic homes that date back to before the 1900s.

For example, the Kansas State Historical Society has a checklist for researching a house's history that may be useful for those who are new to the practice and need guidance. Those who are interested in additional details, such as its original paint color, may be able to take paint samples to a restoration firm for analysis.