What Is the Way to Locate Property Lines?


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There are multiple resources that should allow property owners to determine how large their lot is, including a written description on a property deed or a listing in the property survey that was included with the purchase of the land or home site. The property survey may include a map, or plat, with precise measurements and a drawn diagram of the property, detailing exact measurements including any odd angles in the property boundaries. In some cases, property boundaries are marked by metal pins or other stake-like signifiers that are stuck in the ground at the extreme corners of the property boundaries, allowing property owners to get a rough idea of where their ownership ends and their neighbors' begins.

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Those people who do not have any of the traditional tools or resources for determining property lines may need to hire a surveyor to draw up a plat, or property map, for future use. The surveyor should be a professional who knows how to use equipment such as GPS and computer mapping software to ensure an accurately drawn and easy to read property map. In some cases, a property owner's local municipal city, town or county government may keep a record of property boundaries and may be able to provide the owner with a predrawn map.

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